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Benefits of a Small School

There is no question that the smaller size of St Joseph's is a major factor in the self confidence and ability of our students,

Our ability to develop a strong sense of self confidence and to make sure each child achieves their personal best comes from:

  • An environment where all pupils and staff know each other well
  • Through this personal relationship with each child, the teachers' ability to tailor their programmes tightly to each individual child's abilities and needs - be they remedial or extension,
  • The fact every child gets appropriate and frequent leadership opportunities from their first year with the school

Despite our small size, St Joseph's offers all children access to a range of extra curricula activities including swimming lessons and sports, school cross country and athletics, interschool sports, the annual speech competition and concerts. Senior children are involved in the Waterwise programme in each year.

Thanks to our small size, St Joseph's offers a very safe environment for our students as we are able to closely supervise access to the school and the teachers personally supervise the daily drop off and dispatch of children at the beginning and end of the school day.