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The St Joseph's curriculum is based on "The New Zealand Curriculum", Ministry of Education (2007) and is integrated with our Religious Education that aims to teach values inherent in our Catholic faith. Our curriculum encompasses the essential learning areas of:

  1. Religious Education
  2. English
  3. Mathematics and Statistics
  4. Science
  5. Technology
  6. Health and Physical Education
  7. The Arts
  8. Social Studies

The curriculum also identifies the five key competencies of:

  1. Thinking
  2. Using Language, Symbols and Texts
  3. Managing Self
  4. Relating to Others, and
  5. Participating and Contributing

Teachers plan, deliver, assess and review the programmes taught.

School Camps
St Joseph’s is committed to providing ‘Education Outside the Classroom’ (E.O.T.C) for its senior and junior students.

A popular and valuable element of this programme is our School Camp, held for our Year 5 and Year 6 students.

These camps are held at least bi-annually at various locations, and have proven a highlight for the senior students and accompanying parents, caregivers and staff.

Swimming Lessons
Swimming lessons are held each year in the first Term. A sports day is held on the last day and the children's victories contribute to overall house points. There is an extra charge for swimming.

The House System
In their first year the children are allocated to one of four houses.

MacKillop - (Red), Joseph - (Blue), Delany - (Yellow) and Brigid - (Green)

House and Vice House Captains are elected annually by Year 5 and 6 children. Over the year, the children participate in a variety of activities in their house groups instead of their classes. This cross-age grouping has proven a great way of strengthening the bonds of the school community. The Senior students encourage the younger ones to achieve, and the Junior children aspire to perform alongside their Senior counterparts.

School Assemblies/Singing
The school holds both school and singing assemblies. These assemblies clearly demonstrate the special character of St Joseph’s and we encourage prospective parents to contact the school if they are interested to attend a school assembly. An important aspect of the St Joseph’s approach is that the children themselves play a leading role in the running of assemblies, giving each child numerous and varied opportunities for public speaking and peer acknowledgement. A school assembly would usually cover the following:

  1. Hosting of the assemblies by individual classes.
  2. Honouring of student achievement; academically, socially and in the field of sporting endeavour.
  3. Communication of school events and happenings.
  4. Singing of both Liturgical and popular songs.

The school also conduct assemblies for visiting performers, dignitaries, stations of the Cross, Passion Plays, Christmas Pageants and for special days such as Holy Thursday, All Saints Day and A.N.Z.A.C Day. Parents are always welcome and participation in our assemblies is another way in which families collectively contribute to the spirit of the school.

School assemblies are held fortnightly on Monday afternoons at 2:00pm.