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St Joseph's School Prospectus

Information on Special Character Preference


The Integration Act 1975 created a partnership between the State and the Catholic Church by integrating private schools into the state system in such a way as to preserve and safeguard their 'special character' and the roll numbers of neighbouring state schools.

Application Procedure

Enrolment at St. Joseph's is preceded by a discussion with the principal, the parent/guardians and the new student. At the discussion an enrolment pack is given and explained, a tour of the school conducted and any questions addressed.

Appointments can be made through the school office, phone (09) 521-0866 or email principal@sjorakei.school.nz

St Joseph's has a procedure of on-going admissions throughout the year. The Principal reviews applications regularly, and you will be notified promptly after the school receives your application.

Preference enrolment is given to those children where a specific connection with the Special Character of the School has been established.

Those families who do not meet the criteria noted below are designated as 'non-preference' children; and we continue to welcome these types of applications.

Criteria for Preference of Enrolment in Integrated Catholic Schools Special Character preference is established by

  • The child has been baptised or is being prepared for baptism in the Catholic Church.
  • The child's parents/guardians have already allowed one or more of it siblings to be baptised in the Catholic faith.
  • At least one parent/guardian is a Catholic, and although their child has not yet been baptised, the child's participation in the life of the school could lead to the parents having the child baptised.
  • With the agreement of the child's parent/guardian, a grandparent or other significant adult in the child's life, such as an aunt, uncle or godparent, undertakes to support the child's formation in the faith and practices of the Catholic Church.
  • One or both of a child's non-Catholic parents/gaurdians is preparing to become a Catholic.

Agents of the Bishop, who may sign the Preference Certificate on his behalf

  • Parish Priests
  • Assistant Priests
  • Priests appointed under c. 517/1
  • Deacons and lay persons appointed to pastoral care under c. 517/2
  • Ethnic chaplains who liase with parish priests or their delegate
  • Local committtees appointed by the bishop or by any of the above agents of the Bishop

For more information and forms click on:

Enrolment Form

Preference Certificate

Non-Preference Enrolment

Where a child does not meet the Special Character criteria, parents may apply to have their child enrolled as part of our allowed non-preference specification. Whilst these places are limited, we continue to welcome these types of applications.

Waiting List

A waiting list is held by the Principal's office. The Principal, will offer positions of enrolment as vacancies occur in line with the Enrolment Guidelines (see link above). Should a child be declined enrolment, the parents may write to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of St Joseph's to request that their application is reconsidered.

Conditions of Enrolment

By enrolling your child at St Joseph's you commit to your child's participation in the general school programme that gives the school its Special Character. Participation in preparation for the sacraments such as First Communion, First Reconciliation and Confirmation is not mandatory.

This commitment includes that you will pay all attendance dues.