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We Offer, We Value

We Offer:

We offer families a 'values based' education which provides intellectual challenge, exposes children to a wealth of extra-curricula opportunities, all contributing to each child's moral foundation.

St Joseph's graduates leave our community with the following gifts:

  • Respect for themselves
  • Respect for others and their differences
  • Appreciation of the concepts of honesty, integrity, fairness, compassion and tolerance
  • Nurtured love of their God
  • Confidence to appropriately address the testing challenges that will inevitably face them in their future.

We Value...

  • Christian Faith:
    • As Jesus commanded, we should love one another as he loves us
    • We should understand that we are here together, look for the best in one another and strive to get along.
  • Morals based education clearly understanding the difference between right and wrong.
  • Diversity respecting each child's uniqueness and the special attributes they bring to the school.
  • Self confidence: Each of us has a responsibility to speak out if we see something that is not right.
  • We need to make decisions and be able to live with the consequences.
  • Intellectual challenge - we believe our students learn best through:
    • Close individual contact.
    • Establishing learning challenges appropriate to their intellectual capabilities, with close attention to both remedial and extension needs.
  • Exposure to the Arts and Sports:
    • Giving all our children the opportunity to participate in Music, Performance and Visual Arts programmes to extend their future choices.
    • Participation in a range of Sports programmes to build self confidence, physical ability and good health and, again, open the door to future opportunities.