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What our parents say

Some examples of feedback received from parents at St Joseph's:

Sample parent 1

The things that I liked (and still like) when my son started as a new entrant are:
  • He loves going to school, he feels comfortable and has made lovely friends.
  • The reading programme worked a treat for him, and he loves to read now.
  • The big kids know the little ones and look out for them.
  • All the children (even the 10 and 11 year olds) look you in the eye as an adult and say "good morning!"
  • My son had a writing problem which was indicative of another wider issue and it was picked up very early in Year 1.

Sample Parent Two:

Extracts from a letter send to the Board and Staff of St Joseph's:

"I would like to take this chance to express my thankfulness for all the blessings the school and community have imparted to our family over the past 13 years. Child A, Child B, and Child C have all had such different experiences and shared a special journey that has made their childhood a very privileged one."
"... The school is in many ways a haven...Our children have learned to be patient and to persevere..."
"... St Joseph's is unique and very special. We have had all the benefits of a close, Christian, "rural-style" community school with all the convenience of a city lifestyle."
"... You may be interested to know that Child A is in the top five scholars of her last year at Baradene, Child B was selected for the accelerated stream at St Kentigern College and Child C came in second at the entry exams for St Kentigern."